Big Red Classic 2017
Tournament Leaderboard
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Place Boat Name Day 1 Fish Day 1 Weight Day 2 Fish Day 2 Weight Total Points
Womens Division
Kristen Ann
Horsin' Around0.000.000.00
Bachelor One0.000.000.00
Sea Flea Too0.000.000.00
Knot Bad0.000.000.00
Reel Talk0.000.000.00
Happy Ours0.000.000.00
Running Erin's0.000.000.00
Fly Catcher0.000.000.00
Buck Fever0.000.000.00
In The Box0.000.000.00
Makin Memories0.000.000.00
Tooling Around0.000.000.00
Unreel Advantage0.000.000.00
Fishing Pols0.000.000.00
True Blue0.000.000.00
Big Bird0.000.000.00
REEL Friction0.000.000.00
Best Chance Too0.000.000.00
The Foundation0.000.000.00
Big Spreads0.000.000.00
Shock Therapy0.000.000.00
Bad Dog0.000.000.00
Tinker Toy0.000.000.00
Tracy Jo0.000.000.00
STR UP HOOK'N0.000.000.00
Doctor Hook0.000.000.00
Break Time0.000.000.00
Big Fish
Boat Name:    Weight: 0.00 lbs