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Parkway Inn VHF Radio - Channel 68

NEW - Live Streaming VHF Marine Radio Channel 68 received at the Parkway Inn Restaurant in Holland, MI. Listen to this channel to stay on top of Lake Michigan fishing action in Holland, MI. Channel 68 is the most popular VHF fishing channel in the Holland area, used by most charter captains and local fishermen to discuss what fish are biting, where the best fishing is happening and the best type of baits to use along with frequent discussions of actual local weather and water conditions. Keep this page opened 24 hours a day to stay on top of what is happening on the water!

NOTE: The live stream is hosted on Ustream so there may be advertisements periodically. You will only hear something when people are actually talking on VHF channel 68 in the Holland, MI area (within radio range of the Parkway Inn Restaurant). The most active time of the day is normally the morning from about 5am on. Long periods of silence (sometimes lasting for hours) are not uncommon, especially at night and in the colder months when there are not many boats out fishing.

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